Music: Pop,RnB,Rock,Pop-Rock
Artists: Bruno Mars,Demi Lovato,John Mayer,Amy Winehouse,Beyonce,Lady Gaga,Katy Perry and much more!
Movies: The Twilight Saga,Life as We Know It,Scary Movie 1-4,All SAW parts,What A Man,Hangover,Freindship and much more!
Actors/Actresses: Kathrine Heigl,Demi Lovato,Eva Longoria,Kristen Stewart,Matthia Schwieghöfer,Johnny Deep,Cory Monteith,Adam Sandler and much more!
TV Shows: Grey’s Anatomy,Desperate Housewives,Cougar Town,Family Guy,How I met your mother,Gossip Girl,Two and a half Men,American Dad,Glee and much more!
Food: Pasta,Tomatos,Pizza…


Music: Heavy Metal
Artists: Tokio Hotel
Movies: ———
Actors: ———
TV Shows: ——–
Food: Garlic

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